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Kendall Jenner pranked at Cannes

Kendall Jenner was reportedly fooled by pranksters to board the wrong boat to get to a party in Cannes, France.

The embarrassing incident took place earlier this week (beg16May16), when the 20-year-old model was making her way to a star-studded bash on the yacht of Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen.

The jokers are said to have convinced Kendall they were the official party transport for the event, while she was waiting on the jetty in the French Riviera.

However, once the boat started to head in a different direction, Kim Kardashian's younger sister realized she had been tricked and managed to convince the fake crew to take her back to the jetty.

She was seemingly unaffected by the stunt, branding the pranksters "some random Eurotrash guys", according to MailOnline.com.

It wasn't the first time Kendall fell victim to a practical joke while at the Cannes Film Festival. Earlier in the week, a French reporter appeared to faint during an interview with the model, promoting her burly security guards to intervene.

Members of the star's entourage feared that the reporter had been shot, and moved to protect Kendall, but once it became clear it was a joke, the model, who maintained her composure throughout, simply walked away.

The model has been attending festival parties and events with her mother and manager Kris Jenner, and Scott Disick, the former boyfriend of her older sister Kourtney.

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