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Lindsay Lohan's refugee visits moved her to tears

Lindsay Lohan was moved to tears the moment she met with young Syrian refugees in Turkey last year (16).

The actress has made it her mission to raise awareness about the plight of asylum seekers after traveling to the country twice and meeting with displaced individuals at refugee camps.

She admits the trips were "hard" for her emotionally, because learning of the suffering the Syrian children had already endured really moved her.

"I cried right away, right off the bat...," she explained on talk show The View. "These kids... they're scared of bombs going off every second."

Lindsay recognized the children as the most grateful for foreigners to spare some time to visit the camps, and it's their stories which have inspired her to keep fighting for the rights of refugees.

"You just see that they have this light inside of them and seeing a new face in somebody willing to teach them, sit with them, and bringing attention to other people coming to do that is really important," she continued. "I mean, the stories of some of these women, and this young girl Bana (Alabed, a refugee she met in Turkey), who's the first child who has a voice in what's going on, it's incredible."

Seven-year-old Bana Alabed escaped the war in her homeland by fleeing to Turkey in December (16), after she and her mother gained worldwide fame for tweeting about life in war-torn Aleppo.

Lindsay's time spent with refugees has inspired her to further study the teachings of Islam, something she has been doing for some time.

A photo of the star holding a copy of the Quran recently surfaced online, and while the actress insists her interest in Islam is nothing new, speculation suggesting she is quietly converting to become a Muslim is completely false.

"It's really interesting that they (the media) brought it up again right when I come back from there (Turkey), because that (when she first showed interest in Islam) was a long time ago...," she shared. "It's something that I study and I think everyone's free to study whatever they want... and I don't think you should be judged on who you are by holding a book."

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