Lana Del Rey Conjuring Up New Album In Secret Hollywood Sign Studio

Lana Del Rey is recording her new album from inside the 'H' in the Hollywood sign.

The singer's upcoming fifth studio release will be titled Lust for Life, and giving fans an update in a quirky new online video, Lana reveals she's trying to come up with tracks that will help fans deal with modern life.

Appearing to be addressing devotees from a secret recording space in the Hollywood sign, the singer wanders around her studio home in the black and white trailer, while a voiceover notes, "Even though these times can feel a little bit crazy, they're not so very different from what other generations have experienced at one time or another before.

"Amidst all the uncertainty, and as we transition out of one era into another one, there's no place I'd rather be than smack dab in the middle of Hollyweird (sic) making this record for you... because you and the music and this place are my love and my life, my Lust For Life."

The Summertime Sadness singer scribbles the album title on a chalkboard, smiles for the camera and then disappears.