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Lady Gaga keen to audition to earn film roles

Lady Gaga has warned movie executives to stop offering her film roles if they are not prepared to make her audition because she wants to "work" to land her big screen acting debut.

The Poker Face hitmaker reveals she is being courted to appear in Hollywood projects, but she can't understand why producers are so ready to hand her the job without seeing if she is any good.

She tells talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, "I'm not sure (about acting). When I talk about acting I'm always surprised that no one ever asks me to audition. They just say, 'We want you to do this movie.' I'm like, 'Why? You've never seen me act before. I want to audition, I want to work for it.' So when I get offered jobs and I don't audition for them, I (turn them down)."

But Gaga admits she would jump at the chance to work with a certain director.

She says, "I guess my dream would be to be in a Woody Allen movie or something."

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