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Kristin Cavallari claims The Hills castmates have apologized for drug lies

Kristin Cavallari's former The Hills castmates made up lies about her drug-taking in return for bribes from producers who wanted to stir up tensions on the set of the reality TV show.

The new mom reveals that the other girls on the show have since come clean and apologized to her for making her life a living hell for months and tarnishing her reputation, insisting the drug rumors were all made up.

Opening up about the scandal to news show Access Hollywood, Kristin Cavallari says, "One producer in particular bribed the girls to call me out on camera and they would give them presents.

"I didn't find about that until the show aired and then all the girls started talking and then everyone told me... I did have all the girls apologize to me, but it doesn't make up for the fact that I had to deal with all these drug rumors for a few months.

"You have to be really careful on reality shows... In this case... it was anything for ratings."

And she reveals she confronted the producer who was bribing her castmates to make up stories about her: "He knows how I feel."

Kristin Cavallari admits she and husband-to-be Jay Cutler have been offered reality TV deals, but she says, "It's just not for us."

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