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Kim Kardashian freaked out when she uncovered stepfather's cross-dressing secret

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian was so freaked out when she first discovered her stepfather's cross-dressing secret, she dashed out of the family home and went to stay with her sister.

The socialite admits she had heard gossip about Bruce Jenner's secret life when she was a kid, but she never believed the rumors until she stumbled in on him dressed up as a woman when she was in her early 20s.

In an exclusive interview with news show Access Hollywood, Kardashian says, "My mom had taken my little sisters to San Diego to visit my grandma for the weekend and Bruce wasn't used to me living in the home because I had just moved in. I walked in and I don't think he was expecting me to come home...

"I just put my head down, ran into the house and I remember I was literally shaking, packing an overnight bag to sleep at Kourtney's house. I didn't know... I was, like, 21, 22, and I just remember thinking, 'I've caught him with his secret and he didn't want me to see this', so I just got out of there so fast.

"He called me 30 minutes later and just said, 'Hey, one day we'll talk about this... I hope you're OK'... I didn't know what it meant... and then when I was 30 he called me and wanted to explain everything to me."

Jenner recently went public with news of his transition from male to female.

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