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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West get active on Irish honeymoon

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have been enjoying hiking and cycling trips during their honeymoon in Ireland.

The couple married in Florence, Italy on Saturday (24May14) and subsequently jetted off to Cork in Ireland for the first part of their post-wedding vacation.

They are said to have stayed at the lavish Castle Oliver in Limerick, before heading out for a cycling and hiking trip in Ballyhoura, covering a number of famous trails and leaving their guide a generous tip.

Local tour operator Fergal Somers tells Britain's Daily Mail newspaper, "We had two American VIPs here yesterday. They had four staff with them. They hired bikes for 35 euros and a guide for 75 euros. They only booked the day before. They went hiking and biking as this area is well known for it. One of the party had visited the region before - so knew about us that way. The guide said they had an absolute blast. He took them to the pub afterwards where they had a pint of Guinness I believe.

"They were very generous with their tip - I was told it was four-figure... I don't know where they were going afterwards. They stayed in Castle Oliver before coming here though."

Reports suggest the couple will head to Dublin before jetting out of Ireland on Saturday (31May14).

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