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Lena Dunham joins anti-harassment campaign after Santa Barbara shooting

Lena Dunham has shared a scary story of high school harassment as part of a campaign to empower women in the aftermath of the Santa Barbara massacre.

A project titled #YesAllWomen has been launched on Twitter.com to encourage female users to share stories and join the debate over male treatment of women in response to Elliot Rodger's murderous rampage in California on Friday (23May14).

The son of The Hunger Games assistant director Peter Rodger killed six youngsters after detailing his bloodthirsty plans in videos, claiming he had been tormented by constant rejection by women.

Dunham joined the campaign by sharing a scary story of her own, revealing she had a frightening experience with an obsessed classmate.

She writes in a series of posts on Twitter.com. "I wish I hadn't seen the shooter's video... In high school a very disturbed boy told me if I didn't choose to love him he would make me, followed by a series of graphic threats... My school handled it quickly and never questioned how I'd 'provoked' him and it told me that I matter. I wish that for every woman."

She later adds, "Publicity isn't the problem. The abject terror this (shooting) instilled in women is... Just gotta say, on the almost-summer's day, I love you my brave web friends #YesAllWomen."

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