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Kaley Cuoco's beloved dog dies as she tackles anniversary of failed marriage

Actress Kaley Cuoco had a miserable start to 2016, mourning the death of her beloved family pet dog Petey.

Ironically, the pooch, who has helped the Big Bang Theory star cope with the break-up of her marriage to tennis star Ryan Sweeting, passed away as his mistress was preparing to mark what would have been the anniversary of her big day (31Dec).

Cuoco took to Instagram on New Year's Eve to share the sad news with fans and followers, stating, "Anyone who knows me, knows Petey. He was basically the first dog I ever had.

"I was gifted him on my sweet 16 (birthday), by my bf (boyfriend) at the time... I was afraid I would get in trouble so I hid him in my bedroom for 3 days until my parents found out - they said I had to take care of him if I was to keep him, that he would be mine! I was so excited!!"

"When I moved out of my parents house at 17, I had plans to take him with me but he had stolen my parents hearts and they wouldn’t let me!" she added. "Here we are 15 years later. My folks gave him the greatest life and he taught us what it meant to love an adoption pup."

"I have since named my corporation after him (peteypie inc) and he has brought a lifetime of joy and laughs to our entire family. I know he will now enjoy doggie heaven... This little guy, I will never ever forget..."

Kaley's 2105 Christmas card featured her four rescue dogs Norman, Ruby, Chester and Shirley.

She confessed Norman is her favorite mutt, and she is considering having his name tattooed on her skin.

"Norman's my main man," she explained to news show Entertainment Tonight. "He will always continue to be my main man. I think I'm actually going to put a tattoo of him on me. That's how much I love him."

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