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Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel's son is a 'serious ham'

Justin Timberlake's baby son with wife Jessica Biel is already proving to be a "serious ham", just like his fun-loving father.

The celebrity couple welcomed its first child, Silas, last year (15) and celebrated his first birthday last month (Apr16).

Proud mum Jessica admits watching her baby develop his own personality has been a great experience, and she reveals Silas is quickly taking after his dad.

"He's a ham (joker), just like his dad. Serious ham!," Jessica smiled as she talked about her lad on breakfast show Today. "He thinks everything is funny. He thinks sneezing is funny. He's in that moment, where bodily function is really funny."

The one-year-old has also inherited his father's love of soul music: "He loves music, he likes Erykah Badu and he likes Stevie Wonder; he loves to groove," Jessica gushed.

Silas is also becoming familiar with Justin's pop songs, and the actress cannot wait to take her little boy to see dad in concert.

"We listen to a lot of daddy," she continued. "He hasn't really seen him on a stage or anything like that, but I think once he sees that and connects that dot, then when we play the music, I think he's gonna realise, 'Oh, that's daddy up there.'"

As Jessica prepares to celebrate her second Mother's Day, which falls on Sunday (08May16), she admits becoming a parent has really brought out her inner lioness when it comes to her little family.

She said, "I definitely have that unit feeling. It's a good feeling, isn't it? It's very insular and it feels like, you against the world, you can do anything. It's kind of that aspirational feeling, I guess."

One thing the star is struggling with, however, is spending time away from young Silas as she works on her new family-friendly restaurant, Au Fudge, in Los Angeles.

"People talk about that invisible umbilical cord, that you're still connected to that person, even though you're not in the same body anymore, and that does not go away," she said.

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