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Justin Bieber ordered to pay bill for pet monkey

Justin Bieber has been ordered to settle an unpaid bill over his pet monkey or face a penalty upon his return to Germany.

The teenage pop star fell foul of customs authorities in Germany in March (13) when he was caught attempting to take his pet capuchin, Malley, into the country without the proper paperwork.

Border officers took the monkey into quarantine, but Bieber failed to return to claim the animal, so Malley was donated to a wildlife park.

Officials at Germany's Federal Agency for Nature Conservation have now accused Bieber of failing to pay for the primate's care while awaiting collection, and they have issued a public notice demanding the singer settles his bill.

Bieber is said to owe around $1,500 in fees and a spokesman for the organisation has insisted he will be in trouble next time he enters the country, according to the Associated Press. He also reportedly faces a bill of around $6,498 from customs officials.

The Baby hitmaker bought a new pet monkey to replace Malley after returning to the U.S.

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