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Jennifer Garner left scarred after movie bike crash

Actress Jennifer Garner was left with a scar on her ankle after a bike riding scene went awry on the set of Alexander And The Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day.

The Dallas Buyers Club star was shooting a cycling scene and the filmmakers asked her to pick up her speed, but the sequence ended with Garner on the ground.

She says, "That wasn't meant to be a stunt... I was riding a bike and I was riding around a corner and they said to me on the last day, 'Can you go about 30 per cent faster, but there were background actors coming out of this door around the corner and they didn't tell them I was going to be coming faster.

"So I started to go around the corner and I thought, 'I'm... going to hit that dude.' My brain went into slow motion stunt mode, so I fell very slowly and they used it in the movie, but I did get a scar. Of all the stunts I've done it was like this little Disney comedy (that scarred me)."

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