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Ice Cube: 'I'm too emotional to become a sports owner'

Rapper Ice Cube won't become a part-owner of his beloved Oakland Raiders if the team returns to Los Angeles, because he wouldn't be able to keep his emotions in check.

The NFL team's bosses are in talks to ground share with the San Diego Chargers as part of a major new deal to bring the sport back to L.A. and Ice Cube, who made Raiders clothing a big fashion statement during his time with supergroup N.W.A., can't wait to get his team back in the 'hood.

The star never missed a game when the Raiders were last in Los Angeles, and he insists he'll be a season ticket holder again if and when the team returns, but there's no way he'd consider becoming an owner.

"I'm too emotional as a fan," he explains. "If I'm an owner, I'ma wanna, like, hijack and kill somebody. I'm like, 'Kidnap him... You dropped that ball, you're losing a finger!'

"I'm outta control when it comes to football and that's why I should stay a fan. I don't gamble... but I'm always mad on Sundays; I don't know why."

And he assures other football fans the Raiders culture will be different if the team returns, as long as there are proper security measures and lighting in place.

He adds, "The parking lot was a little rough... You can lose a lot in that parking lot. But it's gonna be good this time, we just gotta have a lot of street lights, a lot of lit areas, security cams (cameras). It won't be the same."

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