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Gaga sued over Judas

Written by . Published: August 07 2011

Lady Gaga has been hit with a copyright infringement lawsuit over allegations her hit single Judas was lifted from a song written by an aspiring singer.

The pop superstar released the track earlier this year (11) and featured it on her latest album Born This Way.

But Rebecca Francescatti claims the tune is strikingly similar to a piece she composed in 1999, named Juda.

In legal papers filed in a federal court this month (Aug11), Francescatti points out that her former bass player Brian Gaynor is now working for a music firm which was responsible for creating 17 tracks for Born This Way.

Her lawyer, Chris Niro, tells TMZ.com, "Though the songs are different styles, the composition is the same and the chorus is the same melody... (Francescatti) is seeking recognition for what she created."

Francescatti is seeking unspecified damages.

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