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Future sued over alleged concert no-show

Rapper Future is facing a lawsuit alleging he cost a promoter more than $150,000 by failing to show up at a concert in 2014.

Promoter Robert Caillier claims he lost out when the What A Time To Be Alive musician did not take to the stage at a scheduled gig in Louisiana.

According to editors at TMZ.com, in his lawsuit Caillier alleges the hip-hop star received a $15,000 advance for the show but did not appear as agreed.

The concert booker is demanding the return of the money he claims was paid to the rapper plus compensation for the loss of an anticipated $150,000 profit.

However, sources close to the rapper deny he was a no-show on the night, telling editors at the website that he was pulled offstage by management amid fears Future would not receive his full fee for the performance.

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