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Frankie Sandford gives out depression advice

British pop star Frankie Sandford can add agony aunt to her resume after offering advice on depression to magazine readers.

The Saturdays star underwent treatment at a clinic in 2011 after battling the condition since she was aged 15, and she later opened up about her illness to encourage other sufferers to confront their issues, and now she has taken her role a step further.

During an interview for British magazine OK!, Sandford was told a reader had written to her via the publication asking for guidance over a friend who suffers from depression.

The star was happy to reach out to the writer, saying, "That's really heartbreaking. The best thing you can do for her as a friend is to let her know you'll be there for her no matter what and that she can talk to you anytime. It sounds quite bad what she's going through, so I'd try and encourage her to talk to her GP (family doctor) as they will be able to help more."

Sandford also reveals she stopped watching the band's reality TV show Chasing The Saturdays after just three episodes because footage of her struggling to cope emotionally with homesickness and a temporary move to the States was too upsetting.

She adds, "I don't even watch it now. I saw the first three episodes and after that I couldn't watch any more."

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