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Fan plants kiss on Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez was given a shock upon her arrival in London after a fan grabbed her and planted a kiss on her cheek.

The Come and Get It singer took the Eurostar train from Paris to the British capital's King's Cross St. Pancras station on Thursday evening (10Mar16), but she was mobbed by excited fans as she made her way through the terminal.

One overzealous male managed to get right up close and personal with the 23-year-old, reaching in for a hug and sneaking a kiss on Selena's cheek as he tried to take a photo of his close encounter.

Ever the professional, the pop star, who was dressed down in a shearling coat, a plain white T-shirt, black leggings and sneakers, managed to keep a smile on her face as her personal space was invaded, and even stuck around to sign autographs for other devotees waiting in the crowd, instead of simply brushing past. She was even gifted a bunch of flowers during her brief encounter with her fans.

Selena arrived in London after spending a few days in France, where she attended Paris Fashion Week.

However, her European getaway wasn't without drama either after finding herself temporarily trapped in an elevator on Tuesday (08Mar16). She documented the scary experience with a 19-second video on Twitter.com, captioning the footage, "That time we got stuck in an elevator in Paris... "

In the clip, she starts to say, "If we keep talking, the oxygen (will run out)...", before a male companion yells to someone on the other side of the elevator entrance, instructing them to pry open the metal doors. Luckily, the rescue plan was a success, with Selena and her pals cheering with relief as the doors were released.

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