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Justin Bieber gets nose piercing

Pop superstar Justin Bieber is showing off a new nose piercing.

The Boyfriend singer debuted his latest fashion accessory in a photo on Instagram on Friday (11Mar16), when he uploaded a shirtless selfie in bed.

Looking straight into the camera with a blank stare, the 22-year-old's new stud can just be seen on the side of his nose. He also shared a close-up of the new jewelry in another image, but that snap was later deleted.

Justin didn't caption the pictures of his new piercing, but it's not the first time he has gone under the needle. He had both of his ears pierced in 2011, while the musician is known for his large collection of tattoos.

He recently opened up about the meanings of some of his body art in a video and photo spread for GQ magazine, pointing out the image of his mother Pattie's eye on his forearm and the tattoo of Jesus Christ on his calf. He also has an image of a native American on his shoulder, an owl "for wisdom" on his arm, and many personal family references, including his mother's birthday over his heart and some oriental skin art on the side of his torso, which he had done with his dad.

However, there's one tattoo he's already regretting; a sketch of his on/off girlfriend Selena Gomez on his wrist, which he tried to have disguised after they split for good in 2013: "I kind of tried to cover her face up with her shading, but people still know (it's her)."

During the candid GQ feature, Justin also admitted he suffers from insomnia - which may explain his early morning bed selfie.

"I'm not getting restful sleep, so during the day I need (Adderall prescription medication) to concentrate because I'm not getting the proper (rest)," he explained.

Justin will be needing all the sleep he can get after kicking off his Purpose World Tour in Seattle, Washington on Wednesday (09Mar16). His lack of rest may also explain his grumpy nature during a meet and greet with fans before the show, during which he failed to crack a smile for VIP guests who had paid up to $2,000 for a selfie.

Disgruntled devotees flooded Twitter with criticism after the backstage meeting, with one writing, "The year is 2016 and Justin Bieber still doesn't know how to smile in his meet and greet photos," while another added, "People are paying $2k for a meet & greet with justin bieber & he doesnt (sic) even smile for the pics, two thousand dollars for an annoyed look ."

Justin has yet to respond to the backlash, but he will have a chance to redeem himself as he prepares to hit the stage in Vancouver, Canada on Friday night (11Mar16).

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