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Ellie Goulding shuts down health rumors

British pop star Ellie Goulding has spoken out to dismiss rumors she is risking her health by replacing meals with intravenous vitamin drips, branding the gossip "absurd".

The Burn singer has been open about her health troubles in recent weeks, revealing she has been battling asthma on tour and struggling with exhaustion due to her hectic schedule.

She revealed she boosted herself with a vitamin drip backstage at a TV show over the holidays, telling Red magazine, "I had to pay for me and the band to have IV vitamin drips. Can you believe it? We're backstage at Alan Carr (TV chat show) and we're all sat there on drips."

However, Ellie has spoken out to insist her comments about the vitamin-boosting treatment have been taken out of context, and she is adamant the drip is not a substitute for healthy meals.

"Misleading people into thinking I replace meals with an IV drip is the most absurd thing I've dealt with thus far," she tweets. "Actually I detest IV drips and only ever had one once years ago at the point of extreme exhaustion, and couldn't even complete it... Concerns me that something something like that can be so heavily misconstrued. Very sad because I am fit, healthy and strong and work hard... I can usually laugh off misquotes and ignore but this is a genuinely dangerous and irresponsible one."

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