Ed Sheeran lays down the law at his private pub - report

Singer Ed Sheeran has reportedly enforced strict rules at his private pub, to keep locals out.

The Castle on the Hill hitmaker revealed in January (17) he had hired builders to convert an old barn on his property in Suffolk, England into a a full-blown tavern, but the pop star won't be allowing just anyone to drink there.

While he's playing shows on the road as part of his ÷ (Divide) Tour, Sheeran has insisted no one is allowed to enter the facility until he gets back home, when the concert series wraps up next summer (Aug18).

"When it was announced Ed was building a pub in his home, everyone from his old school and pub, drinking friends, thought that it would be a free-for-all,” a source tells The New York Daily News. “Ed has been really generous when he returned home in the past, often buying rounds (for locals at his neighborhood pub).

“However, while many in the local community thought that Ed would throw open his doors on his return and party it up, that is not the case. He has laid down the law that it will be close friends only, and only open when he is back in town.”

Ed's pub is connected to his main house via a tunnel, which sources reveal has turned out to be an incredibly cool entry way into the drinking hole.

Earlier this year (17) during an Apple Music interview, the pop star said he is now spoilt for choice when it comes to brews thanks to his at-home public house: “I’ve built a pub. I had a bar before, a bar where you could pour beers, but now this has, like, a selection of beers, which is cool.”