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Demi Lovato tells teens to say no to drugs and alcohol

Written by . Published: August 05 2011

Demi Lovato has urged young fans to avoid drinking to excess, declaring: "Sober is sexy!"

The singer/actress is speaking out about addiction after entering rehab last year (10) to tackle her self-harming and eating disorder issues.

The 18 year old insists she's "made a commitment" to be healthy and wants her devotees to follow her example by saying no to drugs and alcohol.

In a column for Seventeen magazine, she writes, "'Sober Is Sexy' is my new motto, and it couldn't be more true! All you need to have fun in life is a great attitude and good friends. I've made a commitment to myself to live a happy healthy life the best way I know how and I want to spread the message that you don't need to do drink or do drugs to have fun.

"I think a lot of people our age start off experimenting with drugs and alcohol as innocent fun, out of curiosity, or because their friends are doing it. Often times this 'innocent fun' can lead to very serious issues like drunk driving, bad choices and in some cases - addiction. Addiction is a very serious disease, and it doesn't just go away.

"I've suffered from an eating disorder which is an addiction, and I will have to work on my recovery every day for the rest of my life. It's an ongoing battle but one that is well worth it, and I've never felt happier...

"Remember: SOBER IS SEXY! Trust me, you look a lot cuter SOBER than SLOPPY! Stay Strong!"

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