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Deadmau5 silencing social media for weekend wedding

DJ Deadmau5 is taking a weekend hiatus from social media so he can concentrate on his wedding.

The outspoken electronic dance music star, real name Joel Zimmerman, is getting married on Saturday (12Aug17), and on the eve of his nuptials he alerted fans he's taking a two day break from Twitter and Instagram.

Signing off he tweeted: "k brb (be right back) getting married... i'm actually serious, going offline for 2 days. tomorrows our big day, and i have to entertain guests and s**t, so seeya monday (sic)."

The DJ and his bride-to-be, Kelly Fedoni, quietly became engaged last year (16). He was engaged before - to top tattoo artist Kat Von D, but that romance fizzled out.

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