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Daniel Radcliffe pays back borrowed cab fare after two years

British actor Daniel Radcliffe has made good on a two-year promise to pay back members of an Irish youth soccer team after borrowing money from them for a cab fare.

The Harry Potter star reportedly partied with the Dublin Minor Football team back in 2012 after a big win, but found himself without cash to get home after the bash.

He was loaned the funds by generous team members, and on Thursday (18Sep14), they were finally reimbursed.

Former Dublin soccer player Conor Mullally shared a Twitter.com photo of a handwritten message from Radcliffe, alongside a 50 Euro note.

The accompanying caption reads, "Two years later,Daniel Radcliffe pays us back the taxi fare from that infamous night #gent".

In the actor's letter, the 25 year old wrote, "Hi guys, So, thanks again for paying for my cab! I couldn't live with myself if I didn't honor my word and pay you back. Once again, great meeting you all. Hope this covers it."

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