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Co-stars poked fun at Ne-Yo's vanishing hairline

R&B star Ne-Yo was teased about his receding hairline on the set of new war movie Red Tails as he and his castmates passed the time at a pre-shoot bootcamp making fun of each other.

The So Sick singer plays a member of the famous Tuskegee airmen in the film and joined his co-stars for a bonding exercise at a military facility. He admits they took it in turns to become the butt of jokes.

He tells WENN, "We would just crack on each other. During the bootcamp there was no TV or cellphone, no iPod, so at night all we had was us in this itty-bitty room and we'd just sit up and talk about each other.

"We would make up movies based on whatever affliction that person had. Like, everybody knows my hairline is ridiculously comical so one of the films was Where Did My Hairline Go? starring Ne-Yo - and the whole room would crack up."

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