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Madonna's daughter scolded mom for corset premiere outfit

Madonna was scolded by her stylish teenage daughter Lourdes for the outfit she was planning to wear to a recent red carpet premiere of her film W.E.

The pop superstar, who runs a clothing line with the fashionable teen, admits she was feeling "fun and frivolous" as she dressed for the screening - but her daughter felt the outfit she chose was "inappropriate".

The Like A Virgin singer says, "I put on this great beaded and jewelled Dolce & Gabbana corset... and fishnets and I put a cape on and she came into my dressing room and she's like, 'Mom, what are you doing...? That's not director. Take it off. Take if off. Inappropriate.'

"I was like, 'Really...?' She was right. I changed and I actually put on a better outfit and I liked it."

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