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Chris Hemsworth lulls his daughter to sleep with tiny harmonica

The Avengers star Chris Hemsworth wears a tiny mouth organ on a chain around his neck so he can play it for his new baby and lull her to sleep.

The Thor actor has discovered the sound of music helps soothe four-week-old India - his first child with actress wife Elsa Pataky - and so he makes sure he never leaves the house without his favorite instrument.

He says, "It's a miniature harmonica which was given to me."

And if music doesn't work, Hemsworth has to put his daughter in a stroller (pram) and take her for a late-night stroll.

He adds, "She knows that you're inside, (so) if I had the pram up and down the hallway, no... but outside, done. You go round and round the block every night."

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