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Malin Akerman not a fan of Swedish Happy Birthday song

Actress Malin Akerman has challenged her native Sweden's Happy Birthday anthem - because the lyrics suggest the celebrant will be shot dead and stuffed into a wheelbarrow when they turn 100.

The Watchmen star admits there's many things she dislikes about her homeland - and the traditional birthday song is among them, because it's so dark.

She explains, "It's the same melody in every language... but the lyrics are like, 'I hope you live to 100 years and when you've lived to 100 years we're gonna shoot you and push you in a wheelbarrow'.

"I think it's a real threat. A lot of people die at, like, 99-and-a-half. It's really weird, they just drop like flies. I wonder why."

Akerman sang the song during an appearance on late-night talk show Conan on Thursday night (07Jun12).

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