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Chloe Moretz shows off rapping skills

Chloe Moretz showed off her rapping skills during a radio interview by performing a rendition of Kanye West's expletive-laden track Monster.

The 14 year old made an appearance on British station ChoiceFM on Sunday evening (04Sept11) and was urged by presenter Max Akhtar to join in on the hip-hop hit.

Max Akhtar told listeners, "Chloe Moretz is going to do something special. She might be known for her acting but her real love is rapping."

Before showing off her skills by rapping over Nicki Minaj's section of the song, nervous Chloe Moretz said, "Okay, fine. I'm going to get confused. I don't have faith in myself... I'm about to rap the Nicki Minaj part of Monster."

After struggling to stifle her giggles during her performance, Chloe Moretz finished the track and told listeners the experience had been "scary".

She later posted a link to the interview on her Twitter.com page, alongside the message, "Checkk out my rappp!!!"

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