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Charlie Puth records new song with Alicia Keys after The Voice meeting

Singer Charlie Puth has turned his spot on talent show The Voice into a job opportunity, revealing he's recording a new track with judge Alicia Keys.

The show's new star asked the See You Again hitmaker to help her mentor wannabes on the latest season of the show, and Puth jumped at the chance to work with the soulful singer.

"I said yes right away," he tells PopSugar. "Alicia and I are both piano players, so there were a few times where we would be holding everyone up because we would be vamping on her song Fallin', and I would play on the left hand and she would be soloing on the right hand and it was pretty amazing."

Their TV friendship blossomed into an easy working relationship and now the pair has written a song together.

"The song is for Alicia," he explains, "but I have to respect the art and not give too much away, because we only want to show the finished product. I will say, though, that it was one of the most special songwriting sessions I've ever had. It was a very humanistic process. It didn't feel like record labels put us together.

"She's just a people person and it made me feel really comfortable working with a superstar. And I think we wrote a superstar song."

Puth, who teamed up with Wiz Khalifa for his See You Again anthem and worked with Stevie Wonder as well as Keys, is now hoping for a very special collaboration with his hero John Mayer.

"I got the pleasure of meeting (him) a couple months ago," Charlie explains. "I think he's fantastic. He's another Berklee (College of Music) cat. We stayed in the same dorm room, so immediately we had something to talk about. And I just love his chord changes and his knowledge of what goes into a record... We have a lot in common."

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