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Channing Tatum hated G.I. Joe film

Channing Tatum has confessed he "hated" G.I. Joe: The Rise Of Cobra, insisting he was contractually obligated to star in the film after landing a multi-movie deal with studio bosses.

The Magic Mike hunk played the titular action hero in the 2009 film based on the beloved toy and cartoon, but Tatum now admits he does not consider the role one of his crowning career achievements.

In an interview with DJ Howard Stern, the shock jock asked about his turn in G.I. Joe: The Rise Of Cobra, and Tatum replied, "Look, I'll be honest. I... hate that movie. I hate that movie... I was pushed into doing that movie. From (film) Coach Carter, they (Paramount Pictures bosses) signed me to a three-picture deal They give you the contract and they go, 'Three-picture deal, here you go.' And as a young actor, you're like, 'Oh my God, that sounds amazing, I'm doing that!'... The script (for G.I. Joe: The Rise Of Cobra) wasn't any good and I... didn't want to do something that was one - bad, and two - I just didn't know if I wanted to be G.I. Joe."

However, Tatum made it clear he was still grateful for the opportunity, adding, "I'm super lucky and blessed to have been given that film. You get another G.I. Joe script, that's what you get, or you just get another action movie or something."

Despite Tatum's disapproval of the film, it raked in $302 million at the global box office, and when the actor reprised his role in 2013's G.I. Joe: Retaliation, the sequel scored even bigger sales with $375 million internationally.

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