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Carey Mulligan puts $12 limit on family Christmas presents

British actress Carey Mulligan spends less than $12 per person on Christmas presents for her family.

While some might think that Carey, star of movies The Great Gatsby and Suffragette, is being a bit of a Scrooge, the actress, who is an ambassador for War Child and the Alzheimer’s Society, is more than aware that many families “who don’t wake up and have Christmas stockings and presents at the end of the bed” find the festive time of year a struggle.

When asked whether, given the current upheavals in the world, it is still OK to celebrate Christmas, Carey told the Radio Times, “You strike a balance. In our family we only buy presents for each other that cost less than £10 and then make a donation to War Child. You can’t give in to despair. There are so many things that we have to be grateful for.”

Carey, who is married to musician Marcus Mumford, of Mumford and Sons, welcomed her first child Evelyn in September, 2015. While she may not splash the cash on expensive presents, the actress does hold all the traditional aspects of Christmas dear.

“I love Christmas,” she smiled. “It’s my favorite day of the year. When I’m back at home with my parents I love going to church on Christmas morning for the children’s mass – it’s very sweet. It’s the same church I’ve been going to since I was seven – I sang in the choir at Midnight mass.”

However, she does have a decision to make, as she is yet to decide where she will get her kiss under the mistletoe this year (16).

“We’ve not quite figured out where we will be yet. There are so many wings to the family – I’ve got to be diplomatic!," she laughed.

The actress will serve as guest-editor of BBC Radio 4's Today program on 28 December (16).

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