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Bruno Mars portrayed as 18th century nobleman in birthday portrait

Bruno Mars has been transformed into an 18th century nobleman in a one-of-a-kind oil painting gifted to him by his manager on the R&B star's 29th birthday.

The Treasure hitmaker celebrated his big day on Wednesday (08Oct14) and he now has a unique piece of artwork portraying him and his girlfriend, model Jessica Caban, as historic figures Thomas Gisborne and his wife Anne.

The original masterpiece was painted by Joseph Wright in 1786, but it has since been reinterpreted to feature the likenesses of Mars and Caban in place of the Gisborne's faces.

The new hand-painted portrait, commissioned by Mars' manager Shaun Hoffman, also features the singer's pet Rottweiler, Geronimo.

Chris Jensen, founder of Nobilified - the company behind the portrait, adds, "We here at Nobilified love Bruno Mars, so when we realised that his manager had ordered him a painting, we were ecstatic! It is not every day that you are painting for a critically acclaimed artist.

"While we take pride in each and every masterpiece we produce, painting a birthday present for someone we have listened to countless times on the radio adds to the magic of what we do."

And Hoffman reveals Mars and Caban are thrilled with the artwork, stating, "The masterpiece is definitely being enjoyed."

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