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Bob Geldof blames himself for Peaches' death

Rocker Bob Geldof is still struggling to deal with the death of his daughter Peaches, blaming himself for her heroin overdose.

The Boomtown Rats frontman was left devastated when the 25-year-old was found dead at her home in Kent, England in April (14), and he admits he still thinks he could have done something more to help her.

During an interview with Britain's ITV News, Geldof confesses, "She was super bright, too bright. She knew what life was supposed to be and God bless her, she tried very hard to get there and she didn't make it.

"I'm not just blaming the newspapers, of course not. You blame yourself. You're the father who's responsible and clearly failed. For anybody watching, who has a dead kid and you're a parent, you go back, you go back, you go back, you go back, you go back, you go over, you go over, what could you have done."

While months have passed since her death, the Irish musician says it will take a while to grasp the fact that his daughter is gone.

He continues, "The ability to try and understand or to try to come to terms with the immensity of the grief is there but it takes a long while for it to filter through. I'm not there with Peaches yet. It was all too soon. It was all too sudden. It was unexpected."

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