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Beyonce used emotions from daughter's birth for new kids' film role

Beyonce fought back tears as she recorded the voiceover for her new animated movie Epic after envisioning the moment she first laid eyes on her baby girl for an emotional scene in the fantasy adventure.

The superstar tackles the role of forest queen Tara in the children's film and reveals she was an emotional mess in the recording booth as it was the first job she took on after giving birth to her daughter Blue Ivy in January, 2012.

She says, "It's such a beautiful role and it has so much depth; it's so emotional. I literally was crying when I did the voiceover. It was the first thing I did after giving birth and there's a scene where I pick the pod and literally there were tears falling down my (face). I imagined seeing her for the first time. It was really emotional and the perfect first job for me."

And Beyonce admits her daughter played a huge part in convincing her to sign on for Epic.

She tells ABC News, "I was so honored when they asked for me to do this role and I was actually pregnant at the time and I thought, you know, by the time this comes out, my daughter will understand (that) it's my voice and what an incredible cool point (it will be as a parent)!"

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