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Bella Thorne to appear in Scream TV series

Actress Bella Thorne is set to take on the role her Blended co-star Drew Barrymore made famous in the upcoming TV adaptation of Scream.

The Disney star will play an updated version of the teenager Barrymore portrayed in the iconic first scene of the 1996 horror film, in a the masked killer preys upon her while she's home alone.

During a Facebook question and answer session on Thursday (11Dec14), a fan inquired whether the rumour of Thorne's involvement with the MTV series is true.

Thorne replied, "Yes it is true. I will re-enact the famous scene of drew barrymore in the original series."

The revamped Scream series will centre around a YouTube video that goes viral and subsequently leads to deadly repercussions for a group of teens.

The Scream series is slated to premiere in October, 2015.

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