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Bella Hadid hospitalized with mystery illness

Supermodel Bella Hadid has been admitted to hospital with a mystery illness.

The star took to Twitter.com on Tuesday (07Jul15) to share an image showing her in a hospital bed accompanied by a doctor and her TV personality mother Yolanda Foster, the wife of legendary music producer David Foster.

She later posted two 'selfies' showing her hospital wrist band and various plasters on her chest before thanking her followers for their support.

In a series of messages on the microblogging site, she writes, "I don't know why I'm smiling I shouldn't be smiling no one should be smiling... Love you guys ...Long time... Like actually... You're all the s**t! even if ur (you are) mean sometimes. Ur (you are) still the s**t... The pain is real man ..."

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