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Ashley Greene settles lawsuit over apartment fire

Actress Ashley Greene has settled a lawsuit with her former doorman over a blaze at her apartment.

Fire broke out at the Twilight star's home in Granville Towers, West Hollywood in 2013 after an unattended candle set light to a couch while the actress, her brother and a boyfriend were sleeping.

They narrowly escaped the blaze, which was ruled an accident, but her dog Marlo was killed and doorman Adrian Mayorga was injured as he tried to rescue other residents.

Mayorga filed a lawsuit against Greene months later in 2013 alleging he needed medical help following the incident, and she was due to face deposition questioning at the end of 2015.

Greene and Mayorga have now reached a settlement in the case, according to TMZ.com, although details of the agreement have not been disclosed.

Four other residents also sued over the fire, claiming the blaze ruined their homes. The outcome of those lawsuits is not known.

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