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Angus Young: 'My brother fought to the end until dementia took over'

Ac/Dc rocker Angus Young has paid tribute to his brother, who was forced to quit the band following a dementia diagnosis, insisting he worked until his condition became too much of a problem.

The guitarist recently revealed his brother Malcolm's health issues started becoming prominent while the band was working on 2008's Black Ice album, but he just kept hoping the bassist would get better.

Angus tells PulseofRadio.com, "He kept going as long as he could. He was still writing until he couldn’t do that anymore. You were hoping, you know, that he would get better. The physical side of him, he got great treatment for that, so he’s good with all of that. But the mental side has just deteriorated... He himself said, 'You know, I won’t be able to do it anymore'."

Malcolm is currently being treated in a full-time care facility in Australia. His nephew Stevie Young has replaced him in the group's line-up as AC/DC prepare to release new album Rock or Bust.

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