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Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt were inked with symbolic marriage tattoos months before split

Angelina Jolie has a permanent reminder of the tough final months of her marriage - she and Brad Pitt had a sacred tattooing ceremony in February, 2016.

The couple separated in September (16), but seven months prior the stars got tattooed together by Ajarn noo Kanpai, a former monk, during a break Jolie took in Thailand with her husband while directing First They Killed My Father in Cambodia.

Angelina had a Sak Yant tattoo inked on her back, while Brad got a Buddhist symbol inked on his stomach.

Sources tell Splash, who also obtained photos of the stars getting the tattoos, the same ink was used for both to symbolically bind them as husband and wife.

Kanpai previously tattooed a large tiger on Jolie's back in 2004.

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