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Amy Schumer surprised by weightloss request from Trainwreck movie executives

Actress/comedienne Amy Schumer was stunned when movie executives behind her latest film Trainwreck asked her to lose weight.

She was called into a meeting with the film bosses before production on the romantic comedy began and asked about her look for in the movie, and she admits she initially did not understand what they meant.

Appearing on chat show Live! with Kelly and Michael, she explains, "It's so funny because they want it to be your idea so they were like, 'How do you want to look for the movie?' and I was like, 'Ooh, I don't know, like scarves and blazers', and they were like, 'No, like maybe skip a meal', and I was like, 'Oh...'

Movie executives hired a celebrity trainer for Schumer, but she couldn't take the process seriously.

She jokingly continues, "This guy trains everybody... and he walked in to meet me for the first time and I could see him, like, assessing - he's, like, looking me up and down. He's kind of looking at me like how you would look at a burn victim..

"So then he's like, 'So, how many drinks do you have in a week?' You know how doctors will give you a questionnaire? I always lie, but that day I was like... '(I'm going to tell the truth and it's a lot).' And he's like, 'Walk me through what you eat in a day', and he stopped me at noon... (and) he's like, 'I've heard enough...' and then I got my new meal plan... and I'm happy to say I lost three pounds."

Ironically, Schumer plays a character who has no interest in healthy habits in the film.

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