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America Ferrera: 'I hated my name growing up'

Ugly Betty star America Ferrera has grown to love her patriotic Christian name after wishing she really was just a plain 'Betty' when she was a kid.

The Latina admits she was tortured for sharing her mother's name and she'd have to think twice before giving her own daughter the moniker.

She tells news show Access Hollywood Live, "In Latin America, it's not the most common name but most Americas that you meet will be from Latin America. It's kind of a common name.

"It was a tough name to grow up with... because kids are horrible and they'll find any way to make fun of your name. Kids would turn to me when they were saying the Pledge of Allegiance or there was always that one j**k singing the National Anthem to me every time I walked down the hall. When you're a kid it's terrifying - you just wanna blend in."

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