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Aimee Carrero proud to voice first Latina Disney princess

Aimee Carrero is proud to represent her community as the voice of the first Latin Disney princess.

The star features as Elena of Avalor in a new animated series, which will air later this month (Jul16), and Aimee, who is of Dominican and Puerto Rican heritage, feels honoured she was able to take on the role.

"It feels incredible. It's totally amazing and totally surreal," she tells Fox News Latino. "We've been waiting a long time for this - not just our generation, but many generations before us. I consider it a great honour and a great responsibility, and I couldn't be prouder of this character and the character that Disney has created."

The 27-year-old is also grateful she is able to showcase a female character of colour who doesn't have a love story at the centre of the show.

"(Elena's) out there, making her own decisions," she says. "She's her own hero. There is no Prince Charming - there's no love story there - and I think that is representative of what's happening around the world with women. We are finding our partners later in life. We are making those commitments later in life, and we are focusing more on ourselves and what we can bring to the table before we go out and search for a partner."

"What makes (Elena) stand out is that she is a woman of colour in a position of power and is doing a great job," she adds. "She's just a strong role model and a flawed role model. I think it's important to remind the audience that just because you're a leader, doesn't mean you have all the answers."

Lou Diamond Phillips, Jaime Camil, and Tyler Posey also voice characters in the new Elena of Avalor series.

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