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Adele's shock as woman passes out at show

Adele has spoken of her shock after a drunk woman passed out and wet herself at one of her concerts earlier this year (11).

The Chasing Pavements hitmaker was performing in Las Vegas when an elderly fan fell unconscious and was carried to the side of the stage, where she proceeded to urinate unknowingly.

And Adele admits she was stunned by the incident - because her concerts are usually so tame.

The singer tells British TV host Jonathan Ross, "We were in Vegas, it was my first time in Vegas and obviously it's boiling there... And this woman, during one of my shows - obviously my shows don't get really hectic, there's no dance routines, it doesn't get particularly hot, you know... Someone who works for my management saw this woman pass out in the crowd.

"This old lady fainted, so they was (sic) bringing her out to the side and then she started p**sing herself. Sixty years old at one of my shows... she was off her face (drunk). It was brilliant."

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