K-Pop Group KARD Talk Tour, Dumb Litty, & What Artists They Want To Collab With

In the world of K-pop, entertainers usually come in three flavors: boy bands, girl bands, and solo artists. Rarely do you ever get to see mixed gender groups, which is one of the things that makes KARD so unique! Made up of two male singers (BM and J.Seph) and two female singers (Somin and Jiwoo), KARD is taking the pop world by storm with their single "Dumb Litty" and their 'Wild KARD Tour'! The foursome pays a visit to the Young Hollywood Studio where they reveal to us the meaning behind "Dumb Litty" and all the work that went into the amazing choreography for the music video! Plus, they explain why they no longer have any pre-show rituals, tell us what artists' DMs they would love to slide into, and treat us to a little on-the-spot rap sesh!

November 05, 2019 | by Young Hollywood