JP Saxe Spills The Tea on Julia Michaels Collab

In an ironic twist, singer/songwriter JP Saxe's world is just beginning thanks to his single "If The World Was Ending", an amazing collaboration with another super talented singer/songwriter Julia Michaels. It's a song dripping with meaning and mystery, so we just had to get JP himself into the Young Hollywood Studio to spill all the tea about this jam! In this inaugural installment of "Tea Behind The Tunes", JP fixes himself a nice hot cuppa and dishes the deets about how this collabo came about and the story behind the lyrics. He also treats us to a little impromptu acoustic performance of the song, plus find out his top 3 dream collaborations, his biggest fear about love, and how he channels his post-breakup pain into his live performances!

November 14, 2019 | by Young Hollywood