Frankie Grande Fails Our It Me Trivia Challenge

There is no better cure for the summertime blues than the ray of sunshine in human form himself, Frankie Grande! The multi-talented star returns to the Young Hollywood Studio, this time with a twist! We already know so much about him, but how much does he know about himself?! We put his self-knowledge to the test in a raucous game of the It Me Trivia Challenge, where he has a limited amount of time to answer our questions or else face the consequences -- of eating something hidden under a covered plate! Topics range from astrology and Disney parks to Madonna quotes and musicals, while the mystery food items vary from delicious to gag-worthy! Will Frankie survive our line of questioning? More importantly, will he survive the gastronomic adventure we take him on?! Watch and find out!

July 25, 2019 | by Young Hollywood