Daybreak's Colin Ford Plays Would You Rather: Apocalypse Edition

Thanks to his starring role in the Netflix sci-fi comedy series "Daybreak", actor Colin Ford is somewhat of an expert now in two decidedly interchangeable topics: High School and the Apocalypse! He takes a break from searching Glendale for his missing girlfriend Sam to pop into the Young Hollywood Studio to play a spirited game of "Would You Rather?" with us, with an apocalyptic twist! Find out if he would prefer to be stuck in the Apocalypse or high school forever (again, same difference), and if he'd rather spend the Apocalypse with Ariana Grande or Lady Gaga, plus he tells us his preferences between sweet or sour candy and why he wouldn't mind hanging with the Disciples of Kardashia over the Jocks!

October 30, 2019 | by Young Hollywood