Spontaneous's Katherine Langford & Hayley Law Recall Their IRL High School Experiences

When Katherine Langford and Hayley Law filmed 'Spontaneous', a coming-of-age teen love story with a sci-fi/fantasy twist, a couple years ago, they could not have predicted how the world would have changed once the movie finally released, nor how eerily relevant the film would become! Young Hollywood catches up with Katherine and Hayley via Zoom to discuss more about this story of spontaneously exploding teenagers and how it hits so much different now than when they first read the script! They also talk about what it was like to relive their own high school days on the set, or rather how much it contrasted with their real-life experiences -- especially for Katherine, who went to school in Australia -- and how their mindset has changed from that period in their life!

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October 06, 2020 | by Young Hollywood