Maia Mitchell & No Way Out Co-Star Joey Bicicchi Play What Would You Do?

We were all super bummed when Maia Mitchell left her Freeform series "Good Trouble", walking away from her "The Fosters" character Callie for good, but we certainly have not seen the last of her! Her first major post-"Good Trouble" project is no less intense but is definitely more personal, as she has added Executive Producer to her list of accomplishments thanks to the action-thriller 'No Way Out'! Young Hollywood sits down with Maia, accompanied by her co-star and co-EP (and also the film's co-editer--whew!) Joey Bicicchi to find out more about the movie (which comes out a whole 3 years after it was filmed) and also about themselves with a little game of "What Would You Do?"! Find out what they would do if they could see their future, find out their past lives, write a sequel to 'No Way Out', and more!

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August 17, 2022 | by Young Hollywood