Sarah Jeffery Picks The Perfect Songs For Any Situation

You loved to hate her as the ultra vain mean girl Princess Audrey in Disney's 'Descendants' franchise, but, as seems to be the case so often, we can't help but love to love the actress who plays her, Sarah Jeffery, as she couldn't be more different from her on-screen character! While we all eagerly await any news for a fourth 'Descendants' movie, Sarah has kept herself plenty busy with her blossoming music career, as well as passing the time in quarantine with her other favorite hobbies of reading and online shopping! Young Hollywood catches up with Sarah via Zoom to find out more about the story behind her amazing single "Even The Stars", including how she relates to it personally and some of her favorite lines. And because her musical tastes are so on-point, we play a game of "Many Moods" with her, where we challenge her to name the perfect song to go along with any situation, like getting hype, having her makeup done, what to play for her boyfriend, and more!

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August 03, 2020 | by Young Hollywood